The Bulletin Board No. 3

It’s Fall, my favorite time of the year. That means cooler temperatures, changing colors on the trees, bonfires, and, if we like it or not, pumpkin spice everywhere. I hope you enjoy the wonder of Fall, but if not, don’t worry too much. Your favorite season will be here soon enough. 

When seasons change, it makes me think, do we see the seasons changing in our own lives? Do we see the leaves falling, the temperature rising, and the inevitability of another season done when it happens to us? The answer is profoundly simple, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. 

I’m not sure what season of life you find yourself in right now. I hope it’s a joyous one, worthy of celebration. I hope it’s a contemplative one, encouraging growth when you can’t even see it. Honestly, I know it’s a rough one for some of you. It’s full of heartache, agony, and uncertainty. 

Whatever season you find yourself in right now, I want you to know another season is coming. It may be for the better or the worse, no matter what, it is coming. That’s why I urge you to remember the famous words of Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” 

Your season has purpose, even if that purpose isn’t something you see just yet and I know God can take this season and do something really good with it.


Originally published on September 25, 2022 in the Three Forks Church of Christ Bulletin