Yesterday, I watched the unprecedented scene in Washington DC and thought, how did this happen? It happened because too many of us are cowards.

Do Christians have a responsibility to honor those we disagree with, especially the elected officials of our country? If you don’t think so, check this out.

The pandemic has been tragic for many but merely an inconvenience for others. It’s bugged me that some don’t know the difference.

Some recent social media interactions between my friends and a few troublemakers got me thinking about the role we play when we cause trouble.

Where do we belong? How do we define ourselves? What am I and why does that matter? A few things have troubled me lately, time to talk about them.

Tradition isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it seems to hold us back. Is there a way to honor tradition, yet still move forward? To hold on, and still move ahead?

Why does it bother some Christians so much that not everyone is truly committed to God? It’s simple, they long for more, after all, we’re brothers aren’t we?