Divine Design No. 8

Designing a powerpoint presentation for my latest sermon series was quite a fun project. I love the finished product and am delighted to share the process.

Divine Design No. 7

My latest design example is from a Bible class I began last night. This design is one I’m very proud of, come see how it all came together.

Divine Design No. 6

The design process for a sermon presentation can be easy and complicated at the same time. The preparations I made for a recent sermon reflect that idea perfectly.

Divine Design No. 5

The artwork for an upcoming sermon series drew its inspiration from one of my favorite childhood television shows. Here is an explanation of how it came to be.

Divine Design No. 4

When a sermon and a presentation need something simple, don’t overthink it. Provide a classy look with small touches.

Divine Design No. 2

There are some ideas in Scripture that illicit a sad response. This week, we design a presentation for the story of Paul and Silas’ imprisonment.

Divine Design No. 1

Powerpoint presentations can add value to any sermon or they can distract the listeners in the crowd. It’s my goal to help you be better at making these presentations.