Ideas & Inspiration

There are several places you can go to get sermon design inspiration. We’ll keep this list updated as we learn of new websites.

Creationswap – A website full of slides, videos, and pictures. There are plenty of free items, but I strongly encourage you to get an account and access the LiveSwap features as you design social media graphics, etc. 

Church Sermon Series Ideas – A website where you can find sermon series ideas that are categorized into Topical, Textual, Vision, and Holiday themes. I highly recommend this site, and even encourage those of you who design to submit your title slides.

Church Media Drop – A website that contains free media done by people who work in congregations alongside tutorials, a blog, and even a podcast. You can get sociaMuch like the above-mentioned site, you can download your work and share it here as well.

Seeds – From Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma serves as an outlet for their worship team. It offers some great graphics that serve as a genuine starting place for good ideas.


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