God is the sovereign ruler of this world. Do we understand what that means? If not, there’s a story in the Bible that illustrates it perfectly.

Something simple is missing in the lives of far too many Christians – an awe and wonder of God Almighty. What can we do to restore that wonder?

Tradition isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it seems to hold us back. Is there a way to honor tradition, yet still move forward? To hold on, and still move ahead?

We’re constrained by time, yet God exists outside of time. What do we mean when we say that? And do we grasp what it says about Him?

Authority resides in God above before any one else. We would do good to remember that as we sit down after another election if we’re happy or sad about the results.

Lately, it’s popular to protest, but is that something we can do or should do once we know who we’re really protesting against?