I’ve been preparing for a new Bible class on Revelation for some time. In my preparation, I felt a strong desire to create an image that completely represented what I planned to teach. In my class – the key image I hope to pass along is that of the “Victorious Lamb.” That reality sent my design process on a very linear path. I knew what I wanted and I had an idea of how to accomplish it.

I started by finding a lamb or sheep vector that was distinguishable, yet also easy to manipulate into different formats. I went to Vectorstock and found the following image:

Because the image of the lamb was to be heavenly, I went searching for another vector of clouds. Since the above vector had a bit of a washed, vintage look, I searched for clouds that replicated that idea and for a “sunshine” enhancement to stand between the two of them so the lamb would look “glorious.” After editing the vectors by removing the backgrounds and options I wouldn’t need and softening the background color of the slide, the finished image looked like this:

You can see I layered the clouds and sunburst behind the lamb to give it that radiant look I was hoping for. I struggled while trying to decide what title and which font I wanted to use. Several variations of titles went through the process: The Lamb of God, Behold the Lamb, Victory, and The Victory. In the end, I settled on simply Revelation. As I tried to narrow font choices, I had a hard time coming to a decision between the two examples below:

I did decide to go with the second example after a few days. The color seemed to be better and the font within the lamb made more sense.

For the content slides, the only thing I did was diminish the size of the image and move it to the customary lower right-hand side. I used the font Artisan 12 which was also used in our class handouts. Those slides look like the image below:

As an added bonus, I even made a short video introduction for this class incorporating all the elements. You can see that below:

Written by Neal Mathis
Written by Neal Mathis

Founder and Editor who longs to one day be a scruffy-looking nerf herder.