The Afterlife

Last year, I spent some time addressing the afterlife. That series of sermons asked questions and found Biblical answers about the state of our soul when it leaves this world. When I went about designing the visual components of the series, a heartbeat monitor is what kept drawing my attention. That detail led me to create the following title design:

The light blue color seemed a natural contrast to the bright red heartbeat vector. I did not create the heartbeat, it was downloaded from Vectorstock for $1. I avoided any background images to keep the visual clean. The font is Walrus, which can be downloaded for free at Dafont. It has a clean look that complements the artwork.

The content slides are rather simple as well. For slides with verses, I kept it completely clean (red font, blue background, nothing else). For any other text, I shrunk the heartbeat vector and moved it above the text. I also included a number to each slide enclosed in a red circle. You can see an example of both types of slides below:

Overall, I was very happy with this presentation. Sometimes, I find myself drawn to the simple designs that display a connection that’s not heavy-handed, just simply there and understated. Maybe, less is more can be applied to sermon presentations as well.

As a bonus, the simplicity of the design allowed for a simple advertisement video that was shared on social media. You can see that video below:

Written by Neal Mathis
Written by Neal Mathis

Founder and Editor who longs to one day be a scruffy-looking nerf herder.