Theophany Sermon Series

I recently began a series of sermons entitled Theophany. The purpose of these lessons is to highlight the times God physically manifested Himself to mankind. The lessons will focus on the Transfiguration, the scene at Mt. Sinai, the Burning Bush, Jacob wrestling God, and several others.

When it came to the design of this series, I wanted something very simple, yet ethereal. I wanted an image that would evoke grandeur, but not pomp and circumstance. After looking at several photos, I settled on this image from Unsplash. The photographer’s name is Manuel Will and you can see several other photos he’s taken by following the link. This is the unedited photo.


Obviously, that photo’s dimensions just won’t work on a powerpoint presentation. After editing it down to size and darkening the image just a bit for legibility sake, the picture below became the background for this series and its title slide.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.16.01 PM

I felt keeping the ground a part of the background was important so you saw the sky with a realistic point of reference. The imagery is meant to invoke how small we are and I believe it accomplishes that goal eloquently. When it came time to select a font, I wanted something simple, elegant, and very legible. I settled on GeosansLight which can be downloaded for free by following this link. Since this series of lessons is all about defining the moments God came to this earth, I felt using the dots you find in a dictionary to properly pronounce a word made sense. This way, the title is meant to invoke a thought of learning how to properly pronounce the word and express what the word means. This is the final working slide for our series.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 2.18.36 PM

Overall, I’m very pleased with the look of this design. Even though it was simple, it seems to meet all my expectations. 


About The Merger

The Merger began when Neal Mathis and Matthew Higginbotham sat down to write together. Since then, it's blossomed into so much more. The Merger is meant to be a place where faith and life meet. In these stories, we hope you'll find deep theological value right alongside life-changing practical advice.

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